Instagram vs. Pinterest: Which Platform is Best for Visual Marketing?

Social media marketing is considered to be very important. Social media marketing truly takes the lead on traditional channels. Most of the social media channels use videos and imagery to improve their content. You can use social media channels which generate videos and imagery separately to get the most of visual marketing. When it comes to image based social media, there are two different platforms which seem almost similar to provide identical services. Pinterest and Instagram are two different options. In both platforms, we are going to discuss the main points of interest and see the comparison of Pinterest and Instagram. Let’s find out which platform is more beneficial to improve your branding.


Pinterest is definitely one of the fastest social media channels and it is weighing in with around 70 million users. Pinterest is unique in giving a lot of options to female audience and around 68% of users are female in Pinterest. It is the large gender difference in a social media channel. In general, Pinterest users are pretty older.

On the other side, Instagram enjoys whopping 200 million regular and active users worldwide, sharing up to 45 million photos and liking 1 billion photos daily. Both males and females are using this platform. In younger demographics, application is really very popular and it has core demographic of around 18 to 34 year olds.


The content is known to be the major difference that can be generated on your business and personal accounts in Instagram and Pinterest. Instagram is based on original content. It recommends users to create their own photos, edit with filters and other tools on the application and upload them. On the other side, users on Pinterest curate the content of other users on their own profiles to keep the sources.

If you want to upload content on Pinterest, you can have the option Pin it from other websites through URL or upload from content on your PC. Some of the external sites also make their images to be pinned directly from the pages and add ‘hover-on’ button and appears when you hover over the picture.

Boost Engagement

When it comes to user engagement, Instagram truly outweighs the rate of engagement in Pinterest, especially because of the fact that Instagram has doubled the amount of users active on it. In addition, user engagement on Instagram has up to 50 times the rate of engagement of Facebook and 20 times of Twitter. When it comes to accessibility for both Pinterest and Instagram, Instagram seems to be tougher to access through PC, as it is made exclusively for mobile devices. It makes it easier to view the profile online on your PC browser but you have limited functionality on computer.


You can easily utilize linkbuilding on Pinterest. When you click on the images, you can easily get to the source of website. This way, it can be whole lot easier to upload the blog articles from your website. Instagram don’t have link source on the images.

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